Technical agricultural advice for almond trees

The average prices attained in this sector and the high production levels obtained in new farms have led to the growing of almond trees becoming a safe bet in Spanish irrigation. The appearances of new varieties of almonds with late blossoming, self-compatible and great productive potential has made almond trees conquer areas that were previously unimaginable.

However, the good numbers that support this crop contrast with the great difficulty in the technical processing of the farm. Because of this, CLVAGRO believes that technical and professional advice is fundamental from the beginning of the project. The almond, if properly handled, can become the farmer’s star crop; on the other hand, poor management can lead to serious headaches.

At CLVAGRO, we want to technically modernise the entire management of the modern almond, controlling and measuring all the determining parameters in order to achieve a big harvest and a model grove, with a water and fertiliser supply depending on the needs of the crop in every moment.

We carry out a consultation for all the phases of almond planting

  • Analysis of the soil and design of the appropriate project
  • Selection of variety, rootstock, planting spacing and irrigation system
  • Land preparation
  • Irrigation installation
  • Intensive and SHD almond planting
  • Type of pruning, manual and/or mechanic
  • Phytosanitary treatments: fertiliser, herbicides, fungicides and fertigation
  • Irrigation management, when and how much to irrigate
  • Harvest system
  • Advice on sales

The numbers do not lie: when things are done well, the result is always satisfying. The properties advised by CLVAGRO have beaten all the records for performance numbers in this crop: best harvest achieved in adult almond trees and best number of kilos in least time for intensive and SHD almonds.

Success will come if we get it right in every step of the project.

Diseño de proyectos de plantaciones de almendro
Almond efficiency in SHD with the RP-20 rootstock
Almendros 2
Intensive almond planting, Lauranne variety, two years in clay soil
plantaciones de almendros en superintensivo
12 year Lauranne with an above-average production
tratamientos de enfermedades para almendros
SHD almond trees with a record number of kilos in its first harvest
control de plagas de enfermedades en almendros
Row of SHD 3-year almond trees
Almonds irrigate with saltwater, Lauranne, Soleta and Belona varieties
What can we do for you?

With more than 20 years of experience as technical advisors in the agricultural world, today, we are able to offer complete advice and assistance when taking decisions about land, technical management of planting and continuous consultation in our customers’ productions, guaranteeing a considerable improvement in the profitability of their productions. Tell us about your project.