Curro López

Agricultural Advisor and Consultant

CLVAGRO is an idea from Curro López. This Agricultural Engineer from the University of Córdoba has spent more than 20 years dedicating himself to the technical advice for all kinds of groves and crops, with special dedication and knowledge of the almond and olive trees..

His career has made it clear that he needed to provide external and independent agricultural advice with a particular place within the operation’s flow chart.

Much like how good land or a quality plant can make the difference, the choice of the professional that is going to oversee the work is crucial for the complete optimisation of the crop.

The specialised advice for olive and almond trees, addresses everything from the choice and comparisons of budgets for land preparation, planting and irrigation to the search for quality plant suppliers, the appropriate choice and combination of variety and rootstock in terms of the characteristics and the established way of harvesting each planting, as well as the materials required to do it.

For Curro López, the most important thing is following the crop, on a daily basis, from the pruning to completing the training and production, the irrigation scheduling with probes and all the phytosanitary monitoring of fungicides and herbicides until the harvest.

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At CLVAGRO, we develop successful projects throughout Spain, as well as Portugal, the United States and Morocco. As experts in technical agricultural advice, we have achieved great results for production and profitability for our clients.

Our Method

For CLVAGRO, the technical advice for a grove, especially of SHD or intensive crops, is one of the key points to consider in order to achieve the best performance of a crop. Just like choosing the land, the framework of the planting and, most of all, the system and irrigation management are fundamental for the correct operation of a farm, being correctly advised by a professional, may lead to a change in the figures which, by itself, recommends the hiring of an independent expert in the subject.

CLVAGRO is present in any of the phases where there is a project, carrying out tasks on the field and completing any later auditing work that may contribute to the correct working of the farm.

First of all, the advice and the technical agricultural study shall serve so as not to regret future errors and discover from the beginning the variety and rootstock that should be selected using the means that are available and the stated objectives. In this stage, it is important to carry out the proper preparation of the land, discover the nature of the area and correctly design the irrigation system that is going to be used.

Afterwards, the advice shall be crucial in terms of pruning, irrigation management, phytosanitary treatments and the fertilisation scheduling to be used. For CLVAGRO “How, When and How Much” are decisive in their commitment as an advisor.

Finally, the agricultural auditory should be focused on making the most of all the operation numbers, controlling the factors that may help achieve an increase of the performances, as well as introducing the new techniques and the latest advances which contribute to having our crop ready.

The advice that CLVAGRO offers is a continuous job with arranged visits to the farms, consultations over the phone or by email and the sending of fertilisation scheduling and phytosanitary treatments in terms of the need of the customer.

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With more than 20 years of experience as technical advisors in the agricultural world, today, we are able to offer complete advice and assistance when taking decisions about land, technical management of planting and continuous consultation in our customers’ productions, guaranteeing a considerable improvement in the profitability of their productions. Tell us about your project.