February: Almond bloom

Lately the weather surprises us causing pictures as unusual as those of this image in the month of February. The climatic variations that we are suffering in the last years affect in a very special way all the crops. In this case, we focus on the almond tree, one of the topical nuts that so many satisfactions are giving us.

Even if such an early bloom is not usual, we must get used to accompany the fruit from the first hour, being of special relevance the treatments that we are going to carry out in these first moments.

The high temperatures of these days and the low rainfall, although harmful to many crops, favor the phytosanitary health of almond trees that avoid diseases and reach a good setting.

If all the work of the previous year has been carried out correctly, irrigation, fertilization and phytosanitary treatments, it is not risky to begin to predict a good harvest.

Now is the time to monitor the treatments to ensure a good set.