Technical agricultural advice for olive trees

This is the outstanding crop in Spanish farms, the symbol of identity for many of our fields and the type of grove that everyone seems to know about. The olive tree is possibly the most rewarding crop of all; with just a little care, its results can be highly visible. If, as well, the advice were present in circumstances such as pruning, the fertilisation scheduling or phytosanitary treatments, the levels of profitability would be very high. The difference in kilos between a well-handled farm and one that falls short may be seen in results that are so different that they leave the price of the first far below the cost of the second in overall numbers.

The appropriate management of the crop system for our farm, thinking about the future harvest system as a whole, as well as the availability of staff qualified for pruning and treatments, in addition to the knowledge of the most productive varieties, their susceptibility to illnesses and the climatic conditions of the grove area and its place in the olive oil market shall make us achieve a niche of greater profitability, including periods where the prices are less favourable.

We carry out a consultation for all the phases of the olive planting

The advice of CLVAGRO may result from any of the phases in which the grove is found, from its beginnings, participating in the choice of the land to plant, to the improvement of an already-stablished farm with a number of mistakes:

  • Analysis of the soil and design of the appropriate project
  • Choice of variety, planting spacing and irrigation system
  • Land preparation
  • Irrigation installation
  • Intensive and SHD olive planting
  • Wire
  • Type of pruning
  • Phytosanitary treatments: fertilisation, herbicides, fungicides and fertigation
  • Irrigation management, when and how much to irrigate
  • Harvest
  • Advice on sales

Any crop, as popular and rewarding as they may be, can improve under the supervision and the work of experts.

Asesoramiento en la plantación de olivos
Topping and lateral pruning
Asesoramiento de olivos en intensivo
Healthy tree without wire, smart-tree with mechanised pruning from the beginning
Olivos superintensivo - Asesoramiento
Planting of 1 year without irrigation
asesoramiento fitosanitarios para el olivo
SHD olive trees and intensive almond trees
Control de plagas del olivo
Arbosana SHD
Tratamiento de enfermedades del olivo
SHD of 2 years at 4 x 1.35 m
What can we do for you?

With more than 20 years of experience as technical advisors in the agricultural world, today, we are able to offer complete advice and assistance when taking decisions about land, technical management of planting and continuous consultation in our customers’ productions, guaranteeing a considerable improvement in the profitability of their productions. Tell us about your project.